Spirit Unlimited supports the the leaders, teachers, and healers who are at the forefront of the spiritual awareness movement. We also offer an easy way for spiritual seekers to find the connections and resources they are looking for. It is our ministry to provide a listing of spiritual workshops, classes, and events in three portal areas in the United States.  We use Meetup page calendars in the following areas:

We include listings across a wide variety of disciplines, including: 

Abraham/Hicks ~ A Course In Miracles ~ Astrology ~ Buddhism ~ Channeling ~ Christ Consciousness ~ Consciousness ~ Conversations with God ~ Daoism ~ Drumming ~ Eckharte Tolle ~ Energy Healers ~ ETs ~ Feng Shui ~ Healing ~ Manifestation ~ Law of Attraction ~ Lightbody ~ Meditation ~ Metaphysics ~ New Age ~ Nia ~ Numerology ~ Paganism ~ Personal Growth ~ Psychics ~ Reiki ~ Self-Empowerment ~ Shamanism ~ Sound Healing ~ Spiritual Cinema ~ Spirituality ~ Spiritual Retreats ~ Starbeings ~ Tarot ~ Transformation ~ Wicca ~ Yoga ~ and More ... 

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