Marie and Lynn Savage -- "A Little Faerie Magic"

by Theresa Nygard

Marie Savage, of Earth & Water Wellness in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, offers a variety of healing modalities to enrich her client’s lives. In addition to private sessions, she also leads group hypnosis workshops. Group participants are guided into deep relaxation, and then can access past lives or meet spiritual guides and angels.  She views hypnosis and her other modalities as tools for resolving problems and exploring our spirituality.

In this interview, we take a look at the work Marie is doing with assistance from her husband Lynn.

Q.  How did you arrive at this point in your life, where you are practicing hypnosis as a tool for healing and spiritual exploration?

Marie:  I recall sensing and communicating with the spirit world as a child. I saw faeries and angels in the yard. However, this was put on a shelf as an adult, and I had a successful career for many years in sales and marketing. It was only in the past 7 years or so that the spiritual side of me began to reawaken.

Q.  How does your husband Lynn fit into the picture?

Marie:  I met him just as my spiritual awakening was beginning. He had worked as a programmer for many years, and was also undergoing a similar awakening process. The synergy of our combined energies seemed to initiate an accelerated process in both of us.

For years I had studied mysticism and paranormal phenomena, but since joining forces with Marie, actual experience has been the rule.

Q.  What sort of things have you been experiencing?

Lynn:  It’s a long story, filling several articles on my web site The primary phenomenon has been objects materializing and moving around our house, such as polished stones and books, with some jewelry and oracle card decks thrown in for good measure.
Marie:  It started with a polished stone someone gave me at an expo. I showed it to Lynn and placed it on a shelf. Later that day I found it in my purse. I put it back on the shelf, and once again it turned up in my purse a little later. At that point Lynn held it up and said out loud: “Three times is the charm."  He returned it to the shelf, and later that evening we found it on his bed pillow.
Lynn:  The next day we found a dozen or more polished stones of various colors and types on the bed, and this was only the beginning.  Each day some of them move, and occasionally new ones appear.

Q.  Tell us about the books that appeared.

Marie:  That started later.  I’d find them on the car seat or dining room table, mostly mystery novels -- Mary Higgins Clarke, Tami Hoag, Anne Rice.  Sometimes a non-fiction book arrives on a specific topic we had been thinking or talking about, such as faeries, emotional clearing, or Reiki healing. Just the other day we were discussing using Reiki to heal animals, and I heard a clunk on the floor nearby – a book titled “Animal Reiki” by Fulton and Prasad had arrived out of the blue.

Q.  These are books that you didn’t already own?

Marie:  We never saw them before. The non-fiction items were on topics of recent interest, but neither of us had been reading mystery novels for quite some time.

Q.  What have you concluded about the phenomena?

Lynn:  We tried analyzing the titles and content of the novels in an effort to answer our basic question: Who is doing this and what are they trying to tell us? Based on Ted Andrews writings, the evidence suggests that faeries are living in our house, but the addition of our personal energies is somehow needed to trigger the manifestation activity. If there is a lesson to be gleaned from this, it’s that we are spiritual beings, not bound by the limitations of physical time and space. Every day, we see evidence of solid objects passing through bed sheets, drawers, and walls. We need a new physics to explain this sort of thing.

Q.  What is Earth & Water Wellness all about?

Marie:  Lynn and I are both light worker souls, destined to meet later in life and begin healing work together. With Earth and Water Wellness I have brought together a number of modalities to better meet the needs of my clients. I began with Reiki, added coaching, EFT, then hypnosis (traditional hypnosis, Quantum Healing,  HypnoBirthing ®, Hypno-Fertility, and diabetic coaching hypnosis).  I’m also very intuitive, and conduct readings if the client prefers to get immediate answers.  Lynn does our web and marketing design, writes articles and publishes a blog. Our business is beginning to gain some traction, so we expect a great year ahead.

Q:  What is the typical client looking for?

Marie:  Some clients wish to overcome anxiety or phobias, while others are curious to explore past lives. Sometimes amazing things happen, but it’s the client’s own subconscious doing the work. I’m just the facilitator.
Lynn:  It was exciting when Marie trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis under Dolores Cannon, because I had been a fan of Dolores’ books for many years..  As I see it, there is a tremendous shift going on in the world. People are curious about this, and want to know more. Hypnosis is one tool for exploring our spirituality and understanding what we are doing on this planet. It’s about clearing our baggage and springing the soul loose so we can embrace the ascension of the human race.

Marie Savage, CHT, is owner of Earth & Water Wellness, which offers hypnotic and holistic healing modalities. For more information, contact Marie at 612-508-9606 or visit

Theresa Nygard is a co-founder of Spirit Unlimited, an organization that sponsors events for spiritual healing and growth. Visit