Terri Peterson -- "Soul Breathing - Transforming with the Breath"

By Dawn Kirsch-Harr

The first breath of life leads to our last exhale at death, but for whatever span that lies in between, breathing is an unassuming, yet essential, part of life.

It seems odd that one would need lessons in how to breathe. Yet people worldwide are turning to courses on breathing for lowering stress and finding renewed vigor and clarity through age-old breathing techniques.

BREATH is the activity and infinite intelligence of Spirit moving in the body. It is the connection between the physical body and the soul. When you breathe fully and consciously you raise your bio-electric vibration.

We are vibrational beings, energetic instruments of great subtlety and power, alive in a sea of light, sound and silence. The way we vibrate affects us on every level of our being.

SOUL BREATHING is a deep, diaphragmatic, breathing process that activates a high vibrational energy that raises low vibrational energy patterns that are stuck in your electromagnetic field. It is at the cutting edge of breathwork.

Vibration is the key. It sets up a vibration that triggers profound shifts in your mental & emotional states. It generates vitality and activates the body's natural healing abilities. It rewires your energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and turns on your latent DNA. You open your heart to joy and instantly feel your connection to Infinite Intelligence - a cellular experience of divinity. The resolution of restricted breathing patterns frees you to integrate your soul more fully in your body. You anchor heaven onto earth.

Terri Peterson, Soul Breathing Facilitator, guides her clients to open their breath during a breath session and coaches them to keep going with their breath. She calls on angels and guides that assist her by working through the breath of each individual to give them exactly what’s needed. Terri has seen incredible shifts in people. One client said, "I've been suffering from chronic back pain for a couple of years now. During my session I felt my spine straighten out and now my pain is totally gone. It’s hard to believe." Another said, "The breath has enhanced my clairvoyance and now I see all sorts of things." People say they feel younger and some notice they’ve lost weight. Others say that little things don't bother them anymore. One student told me, "I've been breathing for awhile now and it just keeps getting better and better. I've released many old emotions and limiting beliefs. Now that I'm more clear, I am able to hold the vibration of love and joy in my body. It's an amazing feeling of bliss and ecstasy."

Terri says, “My hope is that more and more people become aware of their breath and the potential it holds for self-healing and transformation. It's one of the most powerful, positive tools we can use to gain self-mastery and enlightened states and it has been within us all along. It is simple, free, accessible, self-empowering and it’s literally right under our noses!”

Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, ACPH, RPh, has studied Soul Breathing™ with Robert Winn, Transformational Breathing™ with Dr. Judith Kravitz, and Arhatic Yoga®/Pranic Healing® with the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Terri uniquely combines science and spirituality, by blending her work as Breath Facilitator and teacher along with her work as a Pranic Healer and her profession as a Registered Pharmacist. Terri has a private holistic practice in Saint Paul and travels extensively offering workshops and seminars locally and throughout the United States. Visit her calendar for more details: www.theconnectingspirit.com. Terri can also be reached at 651-442-4623.

Dawn-Kirsch-Harr, is a student of Terri Peterson and training to become a breath facilitator.

This article was also published in the July 2011 issue of The Edge.

Breath Can Access the Other Side
Interview with Terri Peterson
by Theresa Nygard

“Fifteen years ago I wasn't into any of this spirituality stuff and had no idea that I was stuck,” says Terri Peterson, who has been teaching Soul Breathing for almost five years now and is loving it. “Life is a journey, and Soul Breathing has pushed me to the next level. Breathwork has allowed me to trust myself and know that I can accomplish whatever I want to achieve.”

Terri feels that Soul Breathing has allowed her to let go of old patterns and to attract the things she wants in her life. “The breath opened me up and empowered me to be me. It gave me the confidence to step out of my identity as a pharmacist and start my holistic healing practice. It brought joy and passion back into my life.  Breathwork has allowed me to open to the realm of my soul and the spiritual world in ways I never thought possible.”

Terri says that Soul Breathing works on the level of vibration: “In a breath session you activate a high vibrational energy that clears and transmutes low vibrational energy patterns that are stuck in your electromagnetic field. You create profound shifts in your mental and emotional states.  Breath activates your natural healing and intuitive abilities and draws in vitality.  As you open up and release your restrictive breathing patterns, you release your self-imposed limitations, and you can also open to the spiritual dimensions more easily.”

Terri feels that your breath is a mirror of your life. If your breath is full, that's how your life becomes. If your breath is partial, your life will reflect that sense of limitation. In the past Terri often held her breath: “Whenever I was stressed out or worried, I held my breath. That became my metaphor for how I lived my life. My breath revealed to me that that I was holding myself back in life.  As I changed my breath, I was literally able to change this pattern, expand my consciousness, and start living my soul’s purpose.”

Many of Terri’s students have experienced encounters from the other side during a breath session. As their vibration shifts, they find that they are able access higher states of conscious awareness. Many have had an angelic encounter or received a message from a loved one who has crossed over.  Terri explains: “Recently a woman who had lost her husband was able to feel him come in during her session and hold her.  She instantly she knew things would be okay.  Sometimes people get glimpses of a past life. In a recent workshop, one person saw himself as a Native American wearing a white headdress that draped to the ground. Another remembered a drowning experience and was able to release her fear of water. Each person’s experience is unique and since breath is the movement of Spirit in and through the body, it gives you exactly what you need.”

Whereas some breathing modalities take you out of your physical body, Soul Breathing actually brings you and your spiritual self into your body.  Terri comments, “Many people forget that our bodies are important and allow us to do incredible things. Being fully present in your body allows you to feel your spiritual connection and live from the level of your soul all the time.  This helps you stay balanced and centered no matter what comes your way.”

In Terri’s experience, breathwork offers many gifts, “Proper breathing can relieve stress, calm the mind, release traumas from the body, and give you a sense of peace and well-being. Breath also connects you, not only with your higher self and your soul, but to the other side where you can receive messages from lost loves ones or even feel touched by an angel.” Concludes Terri: “I invite you to breathe, and see where it takes you.”